Triathlete Friday:Yogurt Granola + Bananas


Amy Dannwolf was generous enough to share with us one of her favorite breakfasts.


Yogurt Granola and Bananas

This isn't so much of a recipe as it is just throwing stuff into a bowl, but it's tasty nonetheless!  I love it because it's really quick to make (essential for mornings) and it keeps me full until lunch (extremely rare).  I don't drink milk, so I've always struggled to find something quick other than cereal and milk,  but alas I have found it!


I kick it off with a layer of Horizon fat free organic yogurt.


Then add some granola and a sliced banana.  I prefer the cherry vanilla granola from the bulk bins at Whole Foods, unlike other granola it has dried cherries (yum!) and is reasonably low in fat.



Amy Dannwolf is a pro triathlete on the Riptide Multisports Pro Triathlon Team and heads up marketing and web design at, an online ski shop specializing in discount skis.