show offs

Wow, I’m late posting this!  But that’s because it has been a good day!  It started with me standing on the scale which revealed that I lost 1.6 pounds!  Woohooo!  This feels so great.  This was also the motivation I needed to avoid the bagels a coworker brought in.  Of course the bagel wouldn’t have fit in with the shape thing from my breakfast….notice a trend?

IMG_1928 IMG_1934 IMG_1932  

Lunch was less elliptical.  Dan had packed me leftover Eggplant Parmesan with Bulgur and Pine Nuts. IMG_1926 IMG_1923
Yum!  I swear, this recipe is soo good, even as leftovers the next day.  Please go and make it.  You won’t be disappointed!

Tonight after work we hosted my friend Andrea for dinner.  She had kindly picked me up from the airport a few weeks ago, so we had to thank her somehow!  So, we pulled out the stops.  This is Dan hard at work in our teeny tiny kitchen.  That light in the upper right hand corner is to help my photographic efforts. (doesn’t help much….still comes out yellow)
Our dinner consisted of salt and pepper chicken.  (I must put the recipe on here! It’s SO easy!)
We steamed some broccoli
And for the piece de resistance….Mushroom and garlic risotto.  Oh this stuff is heavenly.  We bring it out for guests since it’s harder to cook than our typical dinner.  It is calorie dense, so I only had a half cup (Look TJ I tried to make it look pretty, it didn’t work so well with this recipe).  However, the leftovers will be great for Dan to carbo load for his race on Saturday.
Andrea brought some delicious desserts and I was a bad food blogger and I forgot to take pictures!  Probably just as well, I don’t need to tempt…I had one pastry and bites of the other two flavors. 

I really really don’t want to lose this momentum.  I feel like I’ve been working so hard to lose this weight and so I really don’t want to ruin it.

What your favorite dish to bring out when guests come over?