semi vegetarian

It wasn’t until I was chopping the bacon for dinner last night that I realized we hadn’t had meat since Thursday!  I was a vegetarian for like 5 years, so this isn’t totally out of the ordinary.  The crazy thing was we weren’t even trying.  Overall, I felt pretty good.  I didn’t notice the lack of meat, but my protein was a little low since I wasn’t being too intentional.  This doesn’t mean we’re becoming vegetarians; we did have bacon with dinner….It was GOOD (and nitrate free!)

The day started out with some Just Munchies (from Just Tomatoes) and All Bran Bran Buds.  The Just Munchies included sour cherries, strawberries, blueberries and pineapple.  I love the pineapple in there! I’ll have to get it next time!.

I paired that with some scrambled eggs on Arnold’s Sandwich Thins and a little laughing cow cheese.  Yum!  I’ve never tried the sandwich thins before, I love that they are 100 calories and don’t have much bread (not thick) but are wide. 

Apparently, I liked them so much that I had them again at lunch.  Dan was making grilled cheese and I didn’t want anything that heavy.  So, instead I toasted a sandwich thins and put one laughing cow wedge on each side and added fresh chopped dill.  This was fresh and tasty.

Once again we made dinner and ate together on the balcony.  I love eating real dinners together.
IMG_2141_edited-1 For dinner we made a Cooking Light recipe for a Mushroom, Onion, Bacon and Cheddar pizza.  Tasty, but not crave worthy.  The Parsley was really just there to look good and didn’t add anything to the flavor.IMG_2151
Near the end of dinner we looked east and saw the most spectacular rainbow!  Isn’t that really bright?!
Now it is time for another work week.  At least this week is only 4 days.  We are headed to Chicago for our friends Brad & Tina’s wedding!

How was your weekend? Do you have anything you are looking forward to this week?