Pete and Repeat…

There was a whole lot of repeating in my diet today.  How do you guys feel about leftovers?  When I was single, I would often make one dish on the weekend and eat it every single day.  Needless to say, this got old. Because I was bored, I’d often buy lunch. 

Recently we’ve been making a different dinner every night creating new leftovers every day.  We made a ton of food this weekend and so we need to finish it up.  Dan’s been loving it, a never ending supply of food!  But, this means my meals are looking pretty similar again… 

Good thing it’s really tasty food!  It is also a good thing that we are going to transition into more fall like fare when we return!  I am eyeing a pumpkin pasta recipe and a pumpkin apple soup!  Yum!

I was able to eat breakfast at home because I had a meeting out of town. So, I had my last piece of Walnut Blueberry Banana Bread, All Bran Buds, Grapes and half a piece of bacon.
Now, I have a confession to make, I forgot to load up my camera when I left the house…So, here are pictures from an earlier day, since my lunch was the exact same thing! Salt & Pepper Chicken and Bulgur, Mint and Parsley Salad

For dinner I had calzones again.  I was asked about the dough, and I have to admit that we went to Sam’s club last weekend and bought 20 dough balls for $17.  Good deal!  Dan loves pizza so this will make it much easier for him to indulge without eating the fast food.
I ended the day wanting some more fiber and so I had another itty bitty bowl. of Just Fruit Munchies and Bran buds.  Well, can you see that the milk changed colors?!  I swear this is not colored by chemicals, it’s the natural color of the blueberries. 

So, overall a super repetitive day, but I must admit that I really enjoy having real food and knowing what I am putting into my body.  We are headed out for another weekend and another wedding.  I plan on implementing some new travel rules that I tried out during our long vacation…They seemed to work then and I hope they’ll work this weekend too!

What is your best eating well while traveling rule?