Package day!

We were gone for a week and the only interesting mail we got was Real Simple, but today was a great mail day!  I got a sample pack from Yoplait and Blogspark, a Kashi cereals sample, a Greens+ sample pack and my friend Jen sent me a new Photoshop.  Woohoo!IMG_1876_edited-1

I immediately opened the Honey Sunshine box and took a small handful.  It was OK.  Not crave worthy (which for me is probably a good thing) but could be a tasty add on to yogurt.  I received this sample as a part of a promotion kashi has going on.   Who am I to say no to free stuff?  Kashi Go Lean Crunch is still my favorite of their cereals, although it’s too crave worthy and I eat too much!
Reviews on the other items to come!

Yesterday when I was telling you all about my sushi I forgot to mention that I specifically asked for low sodium soy sauce.  Not only does it keep my fingers from turning into sausages, but it has cute pandas on the front.  Yay!
My food at work today was boring.  You’ve seen it all before, so now I ask you:  should I keep only interesting pictures on the blog, or do you want to see it even if it is a bit repetitive?

I did take a picture of red grapes.  They are new-ish since I usually eat green ones! IMG_1872
Dinner was really amazing.  Dan’s dad made the Naked Chef Salmon a few years ago when we came over and it is still my favorite salmon recipe.

Tonight, Dan paired the salmon with Bulgur, Mint and Parsley salad from the Cooking Light August issue.  I know I gush about a lot of recipes, but this is so amazing.IMG_1882
All of the ingredients tasted so fresh and I definitely prefer the texture of bulgur to that of rice or cous cous.
The recipe will come soon!

Dan and I are having a good time with these new recipes.  We are looking at maybe focusing on more local options, but we need to figure out the price factor first…

Do any of you eat local?  Do you find that it’s affordable?