Open City: Restaurant Review

When I lived in DC my friend Debbie and I would frequent this restaurant, due to its convenient location, good service and cheap-ish food.  So, when my friend Becca suggested meeting here for breakfast on Labor day I was really excited.  Most of the times I have gone, I have been following a low carb diet, and I really wanted to try their multigrain pancakes.

I also ordered a latte, which came in a huge bowl.  This was the perfect drink for a chilly fall morning.
I will admit that I scooped all of the skim milk foam from the top.  I should start ordering cappuccinos because I think I like the foam as much as the coffee but I can’t bear having so little coffee!  One nice touch, is that the coffee came with two animal crackers.  I will admit I love touches like this!


Because of the holiday the restaurant was packed, and so our service was slooooow.  However, since I hadn’t seen my friend in ages, it was great to be able to sit down and chat and not feel rushed out of there.

I was pretty far into my coffee by the time the pancakes came.  I received three huge pancakes sprinkled with some powdered sugar.IMG_1517   I did use some butter and syrup, because, well, everything in moderation, right?

Overall it was a delicious and not terribly heavy breakfast.  Plus, with the great company of my friend it was a great way to start off our labor day of eating!  Our next stop was a picnic at a friend's and then dinner at another restaurant.  I had to pace myself so I did not finish the pancakes.  Although I drank every sip of the coffee!

Open City is located in the Woodley Park Neighborhood of Washington, DC.