Oh yeah, I’m a weight loss blogger

Has anyone noticed the lack of discussion of weight loss recently?  I did spend a week far away from the scale and dependent on restaurants.  The entire time I worked to make good choices, but it got frustrating.  I kinda missed the time when I ate without thinking too hard. 

But, today I saw the reward of the hard work.  A weekly weigh in is too stressful for me, so I weigh daily.  On Monday, I was up a pound.  Yesterday, I was down .2 from my lowest and today, well, today I'm down 1.2 from my lowest! 

Woohoo! 21 lbs gone this year!  Of course many of the Biggest Loser Contestants lost that in one week....But I'm happy, and to celebrate the occasion I pulled out some pants I haven't been able to fit into since the wedding.  This loss means I'm halfway back to where I was before the Great Gain of 2008.

Of course this news had me floating all day and that reflected in my food choices.  Funny thing is, when my weight loss is going well I want to hold on for dear life to whatever I’m doing so it won’t stop! 

In that spirit, I continued with the big breakfast with a Mix 1, All Bran Bran Buds and grapes.
IMG_1902 IMG_1903 IMG_1904

Lunch was also quite filling.  I had more Bulgur, Mint and Parsley Salad.  I may or may not have worked to get every single bit left in the tupperware.  So Good!
I also had some Greek Chicken (I don’t like the pictures) and a peachIMG_1894
In the middle of the day I wanted something sweet so I cracked open a Diet Dr. Pepper.  After two sips I was sick of the fake sugar taste and so I tossed it.
IMG_1906Dinner was Eggplant Parmesan with Bulgur and Pine Nuts.  I would like to point out how awesome I molded the bulgur.  Thanks TJ for the inspiration to do it this way!IMG_1908
I got a little carried away taking pictures.  It was so pretty!IMG_1916
I am so lucky to have such a great husband who makes sure I have yummy dinners waiting for me!IMG_1913 
I put back most of the bulgur because I was feeling really full…
Of course I’m not too full for some mini cupcakes that appeared in the fridge today!  Best.Husband.Ever.


Foodbuzz Awards

Foodbuzz has announced its 1st-Annual Foodbuzz Blog Awards!
The categories:
Best Overall Blog 
Best New Blog 
Best Wine Blog 
Best Cocktail/Spirits Blog 
Best Baking Blog 
Best Food Photography Blog 
Best Visual Blog (graphic design) 
Best Writing Voice 
Best Healthy Living Blog 
Best Green/Sustainable blog 
Best Family Blog 
Best Recipe Blog 
Best Blogger Humanitarian Effort 
Best Community Blog Effort 
Most Humorous Food Blog
Blogger you’d most want to: 
-Take to dinner 
-Cook a meal for you 
-Be your personal Sommelier 
-Create you a cocktail 
-Watch on Food Network 
-Watch on Iron Chef 
-See open up their own restaurant 
-See their blog made into a movie

Winners will be announced at the Foodbuzz Festival in November