oh really?!?

Today was the day to go back to the doctor and see how my blood was doing and see if I can get off of my blood thinners.  While my blood was OK, my doc doesn’t want me to go off them until 6 months.  So, I’m stuck until December.  booo.

However, in good news, today is the first day for Pumpkin Spiced Latte’s at Starbucks. yummm. fall.
IMG_1260 I got a tall latte with nonfat milk.  It was only about 250 calories or so.  We opened a new box of Mix 1, key lime flavor.
Yum!  I also had a nutritionist appointment this afternoon and she revealed to me that I’ve been having too many carbs/day.  I need to restructure my foods to accommodate the reduced carbs.  Maybe I’ll move to hardboiled eggs for breakfast? 

On the way to the marathon doctors appointments (3 hours total, ouch!) I had some celery
We were starving after the first appointment, and so we stopped at Panera (again) for lunch.
I wasn’t feeling something big, so I had an everything bagel with reduced fat cream cheese. (I ate half the tub)
Dinner was more protein based, garlic roasted shrimp.  Yum!
I also had some bread, and olive oil.  Now I’m off to catch up on more blogs!  Three more days ‘till vacation!