The ocean rolls us away

This morning after breakfast, Dan and I took a fantastic walk down the beach.  The waves were crashing and the wind was whipping.  


We had had our balcony door open all night, and I must say, I miss the sound of the waves.  This is fabulous.


back to our walk, the beach here on kitty hawk is much smaller than the one I’m used to at the Jersey shore.  It is much less commercial. 



Since there are few people on the beach, the birds were out in force.  It was fun to see them playing the same game my sisters and I played growing up, where you watch the wave roll towards the shore and try to outrun it.  The birds always won.  The wings seemed to help.IMG_1608_edited-1

Later on our walk we encountered a strange thing.  We kinda need your help to know what it is.  We know it was once alive because, well, we did walk downwind of it.  Any ideas?IMG_1619_edited-1

This piece of it (maybe a spine?) was about a mile down the beach from the first piece.  We were thinking maybe a whale.  But it was unclear.  Do you think we discovered a dead sea monster?IMG_1633_edited-1

Here’s another pretty shot to wipe out the memory of our dead sea monster, who I have (in my head) named Nessie, after the Loch Ness Monster, who I’m betting escaped only to meet an untimely death.IMG_1635_edited-1

After our walk we went to play mini golf.  Dan won both rounds, but then again, he was scorekeeper so who can really say?