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I still remember clearly the year that nutrition labels were required to include per serving information.  The law was set to come into effect on mother’s day, because mom=healthy.  Now the push is to get nutritional information in restaurants.  Some restaurants are doing better than others with this challenge. 


Hungry Girl often reveals inconsistencies with published nutritional information and the true nutritional values. Recently, I read a post that went deeper into the subject of misreporting on the nutrition labels.  What can we trust?  Reading all of this reinforces my goal to eat mostly whole foods.


At least when we make food from scratch we are able to control the ingredients, that is, if we pick good ingredients to work from.  With all of the chemicals that go into the production of foods it’s hard to know what we are putting into our bodies.


After a weekend eating out Dan and I both realize a change in how we feel.  I feel more sluggish, retain water and have major cravings.  This is not to say we are giving up going out.  That is inevitable part of life, but it is interesting to really understand what food does to me.


I’m not sure what my point is completely, Dan and I are still mid process in figuring out what to do about our diet and food options.  I have a feeling we’ll move to a more seasonal, local option, I just wish it wasn’t so expensive!  I’d love to hear what you all think about this whole issue.


Do you trust nutrition labels?  How do you eat?


(random food shots since posts seem boring without pictures!)