In the mail today

Still no news on my sister!  After I climbed the 12 flights of stairs to my apartment, I came home to a new issue of Clean Eating.  So excited to find new tasty recipes!  I’ve been thinking about the difference between clean eating and cooking light magazines and I realize that cooking light focuses more on lower calorie options while Clean Eating focuses on better calories. 

As you will see tomorrow, the Banana Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies are low in calorie but not high in protein or fiber.  However, the banana blueberry bread includes a good amount of protein and fiber.  I know that all treats don’t need to be nutrient rich, but I’d like them to be…

Speaking of nutrient rich, I'm still working on having big-ish breakfasts.  Today was like yesterday, grapes, mix 1, and all bran buds with Just Fruit Munchies.
IMG_2184IMG_2188_edited-1 IMG_2187_edited-1
Lunch was protein and fiber rich.  Salt & Pepper Chicken and Bulgur, Mint and Parsley Salad.
IMG_2180_edited-1 IMG_2182
For dinner Dan made the Potato Leek and Feta Tart .  Yum!  I took this picture outside in the freezing cold weather.  It actually snowed in places in Colorado yesterday!
And, even with all of this tasty food I had today, I have more calories left for dessert!

Also in the mail today was a letter from my alma mater addressed to Mr. & Mrs. His FirstName His LastName.  That sealed the deal that my school won’t be getting any more money from me!  My husband didn’t go to my school, there is no reason that his name should be the only one on the mailing!  I may be married, but I still have my identity!  * stepping off soapbox *

What is your biggest pet peeve?