High Tea at the O.Henry Hotel

Dan and I arrived in Greensboro on Thursday and met up with my friends Melissa (the bride) and Jessie.  Melissa, Jessie (and Rachel, who comes later) and I lived together and swam together in college.  It’s really awesome that 11 years later we are still friends!


It’s always interesting going to North Carolina because despite the fact that I haven’t spent much time in the state, my family has deep-ish roots in there, my dad’s parents are both from North Carolina and both my mom and grandmother went to college in UNC-Greensboro.  Of course I’ve never visited the state with any of them but I think of all of them while I’m there!


Melissa had planned a great weekend for all of us, after getting manicures & pedicures, she hosted a high tea at the O.Henry Hotel.  The high tea menu included: a freshly baked scone with clotted cream and preserves, spicy cheese wafer and a chocolate truffle.  The scone was tasty, but no blueberries, so sad! The chocolate truffle was pure chocolate bliss. So good!



Truffled egg salad on brioche, mini ham and brie croissant with fig preserves, smoked salmon mousse on rye.  We tried the salmon first, and it was ok.  The ham and brie was awesome(how can it not be with a croissant and brie cheese?).  Finally, the egg salad with white truffle sauce.  Oh my gosh.  Seriously, this is an amazing idea, I must make this again…


The dessert plate included lemon cream filled puff cookies, fruit tarts, chocolate coconut cake and apple muffins.  All of these were tasty, but nothing was as good as the egg salad….IMG_1713

I think I should add that I split this with my friend Jessie.  All in all it was delicious and very filling!  Sorry the photos were a bit blurry I was trying to be quick and discreet with my camera.


I highly recommend going to the O.Henry for tea, it was very well done!  However, I spent all weekend trying to figure out the historical significance of the hotel but when I was reading it, they just named it the O.Henry because they liked him and he was born in Greensboro.  Interesting!


After the tea was the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.  It was such a fun day!  Check in tomorrow for a recap from the wedding!