Healthy Challenge

I have pretty much given up on challenges, I never know how my body will react to my efforts and it gets too frustrating trying to lose weight and just not doing it.  However, I just heard about South Beach Steve’s Hot 100 challenge.  It actually started last week and was for the final 100 days of 2009.  I’ve been thinking about my goals and came up with the five goals listed below. 

My Hot 100 Goals

Walk Every Day
Strength train 3x/week
Eat two meatless meals a week
Eat 30g fiber/day
Eat mostly whole/real food

 As the days are getting shorter and colder walking outside on the weekends seems less appealing.  I’ve been thinking about getting a treadmill.  The catch? Our apartment is 900 square feet.  It’s one bedroom and one living/dining room.  I fear that a huge treadmill will take a bunch of space and that maybe I’ll get bored of it after awhile and it’ll be another unused purchase…So, I’d love to hear the good and bad about buying a treadmill and more importantly if you think buying one is a good idea, which one?!

I started walking to work again today, Dan has agreed to walk partway and I really enjoy having the time to chat with him like that.  I had my usual for breakfast, grapes, Mix 1, and all bran buds with Just Fruit.
 IMG_2310 IMG_2311 IMG_2309_edited-1 This mixture usually holds me for awhile, but I was STARVING by 11am, so I broke into more of the out of town gift bags and had some trail mix.  When that didn’t fill me up, I had my lunch the Bulgur, Mint and Parsley Salad
IMG_2312 IMG_2307_edited-1
That didn’t hold me, I was starving all afternoon so I had a Larabar.  This time I had the lemon bar larabar and OMG it was SO good!

I wasn’t impressed with my last Larabar, but I loved this one, I didn’t mean to, but I finished it.  And I was still hungry!  I hate days like this, but I’m glad I consistently made good choices.  Dinner was salt & pepper chicken.

I followed this with some air popped popcorn.  yum.

Please weigh in on my treadmill conundrum!