Greens+ Chia and Kashi Honey Sunshine

This morning I decided to finally check out the sample of Chia seeds I received from Greens+.  I received a sample from the company a few weeks ago and had not yet had a food to add them into.   I thought I’d also try the sample from Kashi
Last night I asked Dan to pick up my favorite yogurt, Oikos Vanilla yogurt.
To finish off my breakfast I also added the last of my Kashi Honey Sunshine.
The overall combination was crunchy and delicious, the Kashi didn’t mush up in the yogurt and I always like adding Chia to the Oikos
This was a tasty combo!  I may have to get this cereal again, it is my favorite yogurt add in!
As far as the Chia Seeds go, I do not think I’ll get these again.  Mostly because of the nutritional information.  One pack had 81 calories, one serving of my usual chia seeds is 40 calories.  One pack has 4.2 g fiber, my usual chia seeds has 5g of fiber(for half the cals).  I couldn’t really tell any difference in the Greens + seeds versus my usual chia seeds so I will stick with what I already use!

Also, Dan won his race this morning! Yay!  Of course, I wasn’t there.  I tried to sleep in, but I woke up with him and have been up ever since.  It was like 5 am.  ugh!  Maybe I’ll take a nap today?

Does anyone have a healthy banana bread recipe?