Gordon Biersch: Restaurant Review

Back in the day, Gordon Biersch was one of our favorite restaurants.  As a low carber I loved the fact that they served garlic spinach as a side if I didn’t want the garlic fries (their specialty).  Although, the service and the quality of the food seemed to get worse. 

We were reluctant to return, but when I was trying to find a big place to meet a bunch of friends, we decided that this would be the best local option.  (local as in Rockville, not DC)

First off, when I went to make the reservation, the hostess told me that she couldn’t approve a party of this size and so she would have to call me back.  Do they not want to earn money? Of course, they approved the reservation, but I was a little put off by the reaction to my reservation.

Once we arrived the table was ready for us and we were seated immediately.  Overall the place was a great location for our meet-up since we were able to hear each other, taste delicious beer and order affordable food.  I decided to order the crab cake because we are back east, and well thought I’d give the garlic fries another shot.

The crab cake was pretty good, it really fell apart while I was eating it.  I should have just gotten rid of the entire bun, but I ate the bottom half of the bun and the crab cake fell apart near the end.  Oops.  But overall it was good.  Mostly crab, so that’s a winner in my book.
The fries, well, Dan helped eat them, which was really great.  But after dinner, I will admit I felt kind of sick.  I think the grease was a lot more than I am used to, and that was definitely part of it.  But while I was eating them they weren’t as garlicky as I would have liked (although my breath was totally destroyed).IMG_1533_edited-1
This meal was the end of our day of eating, and overall I think I did ok by not eating everything on my plate and not snacking at all between meals.

Overall, I don’t think Dan and I will return to Gordon Biersch at least not the Rockville Town Center location since it seems to get greasier each time.