Going back to work

Oh we are back, I still have a few more updates to give on the awesome wedding weekend!  But, back to regularly scheduled posts.  I hate coming home after a long trip to an empty fridge, when all I want is fresh clean homemade food, but there is none to be had!  I had my usual Mix 1 for breakfast, I also had a grande nonfat latte (no pumpkin spice for me today, trying to cut back)

Because of our lack of groceries I decided to have some lunch sushi.  I’ve been craving sushi lately, so I went to Tokyo Joe’s, a sushi cafe a few blocks from work.  I ordered 4 pieces of the California roll (the sushi ingredients include crab, avocado and cucumber)and 4 pieces of the Joe’s roll (The sushi ingredients include grilled shrimp, avocado, cucumber and cream cheese)

So here are my sushi pictures!
They do not know how to make sushi California rolls well, mine fell apart almost immediately.
The Joe’s roll also fell apart.  I don’t think I need to go back.

After work I walked home and at the last minute, decided to climb the stairs home.  I was feeling like my fitness has decreased because of the vacation…Now I’m back to my old routine!

For dinner, Dan made Greek Chicken, IMG_1857_edited-1 
lemony green beans
and sweet potato fries
It was dark by the time Dan came home and made the lemony green beans and sweet potato fries, so the photos didn’t turn out very well.  Boo.

I’m still working through my millions of blog posts.  Hopefully I’ll be back to commenting soon!