Eating our way through Chicago

Well, we actually didn’t really, but my photos would tell you otherwise!  I tallied up my calories etc. I didn’t do too badly, mostly because I realized that I can enjoy taste without having to eat everything in sight…

On the way to Chicago I enjoyed some of Southwest’s Plane Cookies08 27 09_0083

I ate most and gave the rest to Dan.  That night for dinner we went to Obama’s favorite pizza restaurant (according to our hosts) Pizza Capri.

We started with some tasty bread with great olive oil.  I had one and a half slices of bread.
08 28 09_0072

Dan was starving so we ordered a large (not deep dish) spinach and mushroom white pizza.
08 28 09_0074
I ate one and a half pieces (minus the crust).  I totally enjoyed the pizza and wasn’t incredibly full afterwards.  However, I wanted a sweet treat, and when we didn’t find an ice cream shop, I picked up a mint chocolate Lindor truffle,  a sweet something that didn't fill me up too much.
08 28 09_0082

I proceeded to forget to take pictures at all my other meals until Saturday night when we had Dan’s favorite pre-race meal: Subway.

08 29 09_0043
It works out perfectly because he wants 1.5 foot long sandwiches and I only want 6 inches.  My favorite Subway side is the bag of apples…
08 29 09_0036

So fresh!  Our view while we ate was pretty amazing.  That’s Lake Michigan from the rooftop deck.
08 28 09_0077
Well this concludes the food tour of Chicago.  I obviously ate more but the lighting wasn’t great…The race on Sunday was not conducive to sitting down and eating.  It was, however, conducive to walking and more walking and even more walking.  This was a very spread out course so I found myself running to make it to the finish line in time. 

However, the swim course went right along the park and so I was able to get some fantastic pictures of Dan swimming (first time!)
08 29 09_0057
Have I told you how much I love this camera?