eating on the go: potbelly’s

We just arrived in South Bend, Indiana!  Neither of us have ever been to the campus of Notre Dame, so I guess we are going to check it out tomorrow.

Today was a bit of a revelation for Dan, see, Dan has been tracking his calories on Sparkpeople since we got back from my friend Melissa’s Wedding.  He’s now realizing how difficult it is to track calories on the road and how few restaurants post their calories for us to follow.  Because of that we did decide to eat lunch at Potbelly’s because then we know what is in our food.

At one point Dan looked at me and said, wow it’s really hard to do this when you don’t have control.  We just got to our hotel and got ready to count the calories.  Did you know that an original Italian sub runs about 619 calories while a big roast beef had 638?  Even more surprising, the original PB&J is 934 calories and the big is 1345. OMG.  And one cookie, 450 calories.

I know I know, not a huge surprise that a restaurant’s calories are high.  Even after all these years of tracking calories I’m still off.  I thought the Italian would be about 400 or so.

It’s fun that Dan and I are now tracking calories together, although it wasn’t fun when Dan got excited over how many calories he had consumed.

I do highly recommend playing with the Potbelly nutritional calculator, it lets you change the bread and add the toppings. So fun! (and no, I have not been compensated by potbelly for this review.)