Eating and Blogging on the road

I am actually on the road as I type this post (I love Windows Live Writer!)  We just stopped for lunch and I wasn’t feeling extremely hungry, but needed food.  After last nights grease-fest I did not want something greasy for lunch. 


I decided to go back to starbucks since the calories are posted and I know Starbucks is making moves toward “real food”  I was pleasantly surprised with the options available to me (a benefit of stopping at one near the highway)  I chose the Fruit & Cheese Plate because it had a decent amount of calories and protein and looked like it had enough different flavors.


What I liked most was that in addition to the full nutrition panel the side of the package, there was a quick look section that gave calories, protein, fiber, sodium and fat.IMG_1537_edited-1

This was great as I was deciding between a few options.  I will admit that it was the Brie that made my decision in the end.  Yum!  There was a great mix of textures/flavors and so far it has sated my hunger!IMG_1536_edited-1

Since I knew that the plate was only 380 calories, I knew I could get a dessert, so I selected one of the petite vanilla scones which clocks in between 100-150 calories. 


I am really enjoying the new options available at starbucks.  I enjoy the fact that this ‘fast food’ restaurant has so many healthy-ish options.  I’m hoping that this will really help me not gain too much this week! (or anything)


One of the things I have been doing to work off the more caloric food is walking up the escalators and stairs.  I even walked up the Woodley Park escalator on Monday.  I wish I had taken a picture of how steep it was, it was intense.  But I was OK when I got to the top!  So, climbing the stairs in our apartment has really been helping!