When I was little the refrigerator would always have two types of milk.  Nonfat milk for my sisters and buttermilk for my father.  We were always a little intrigued by the buttermilk, but the smell and the texture kept us away from actually drinking it.  However, buttermilk is an ingredient in so many fantastic dishes (ex. buttermilk pancakes…the best way to make pancakes).

When our most recent baking experiment called for buttermilk we were unsure of what to do.  We like to use actual ingredients, but it seemed silly to buy an entire jug of buttermilk!  Instead of spending the money and sacrificing the fridge space we decided to use a trick that my mom often employs.  Make buttermilk from nonfat milk.

This is an incredibly easy process.  Just take 1 T of white vinegar or lemon juice place in a liquid measuring cup add milk to the 1 c fill line.  IMG_2035
Let the combination sit for 5 minutes.  

Presto Change-o Buttermilk!

What is your favorite kitchen trick?