I do not claim to be an expert on many things.  I expect other people to be and for the most part I trust them.  Last year when BPA was all over the news as this terrible cancer causing chemical, I decided that it would be better to be safe than sorry.  I ditched my Nalgene and picked up an awesome Sigg bottle with a sports top.


I like the bottle, but always found it hard to clean even after I bought special cleaning supplies.  However, since I thought it was healthier for me than a Nalgene I accepted it.


Well.  Now I learn that the Sigg bottles made before August 2008 had a liner with BPA in it.


Sigg was good and included pictures of what the different liners look like.


Turns out my Sigg is the old liner.  If you have one of these too, you can email to ask about exchanging your bottle for a new one.  I think I’m going to contact them and see what we can do!


What about you?  What did you think about BPA?  Do you have a Sigg bottle?