Bison Burgers and Spinach and Strawberry Salad

Right after Dan and I selected the location for our wedding we brought his parents and my mom to the venue to have lunch and get a feel for the place.  One of the best reviewed dishes by the knotties (girls on how I spent my time before blogging) was the Spinach and Strawberry Salad.  We all tried it and then served it at the wedding.


The salad left such a good impression on my father in law that he has successfully recreated it and serves it when we come to visit.  We need to get this recipe from him, but it is delicious. 


It includes spinach, strawberries, feta cheese, walnuts, red onion and a strawberry vinaigrette. IMG_1494

This is such a fresh and delicious meal that goes really well with heavy burgers.  These burgers were made with bison meat and perfectly cooked.  And yes, that is American cheese on there….it was soo tasty.


For dessert, Dan’s dad baked pineapple rings, made strawberry sauce and served it alongside vanilla ice cream.  This is actually making me hungry now just typing it!  Vanilla ice cream and fruit, the best summer dessert!IMG_1504

At home we are working on making more sides to our meals (and dessert!)and I think we’ll be able to get some good recommendations from his parents!