Big breakfasts

I’m always torn about big breakfasts, part of me understands the logic behind it and part of me wants to save calories for later so that I can have more at night.


I have noticed a trend where I get to the end of the day with very few grams of fiber.  I have been rectifying this with a small bowl of Bran buds.  These days I have also been excessively hungry starting at lunch.  I hate being a bottomless pit!


This is why last week I started bringing my bran buds into work as an addition to the normal calories.  Strangely enough, (well ok not strangely) it works!  I’ve been sated for longer by front loading my calories and my fiber. just had an article on this and lists out a number of power breakfasts all weighing in around 500 calories.


That is a little excessive for me, what I’ve felt works is two hardboiled eggs (about 75 cals each) 1/3 c bran buds (70 cals) 1/4 c nonfat milk (40ish cals) and a cup of grapes (60 cals) and coffee with cream (100 cals) [yes, cream is not low cal, but we were running out of milk!]  This is about 400 calories.  and a lot of deliciousness.  I find that it is important for me to snack on a lot of lower calorie items than eat smaller, higher calorie foods. (it’s a mental thing). states that if you follow this method, than you’ll lose 10 lbs in 4 weeks!  I don’t lose weight that quickly at all, I’d be happy with 1 lbs a week!