Best laid plans

We’re in between trips right now, and I swear, I thought I’d be eating home cooked food all week.  Oops.  I’ve been to Panera 3 times, Starbucks once (but come on, Pumpkin latte!) and to another restaurant today at lunch.  Oops.  That being said, I have been conscious at ever moment to pick the right foods.  Despite how AWESOME the fish and chips smelled today, I chose a non-fried option!  I do wonder how well I estimated the calories….


Breakfast was easy to count with the Mix 1 and V8.  Boy am I glad I saved the airplane snacks.  I was munchy and so I had a pack of the peanuts and of the 100 calorie wheat thins. 

IMG_1278 IMG_1280


For lunch we went to a local restaurant called The Tavern.  I was trying to come up with something when I saw the menu offered a fish taco where I could substitute the fried cod with not fried shrimp.  So not fried shrimp it is!



Of course you can’t really see the shrimp…



I had a few bites of the Spanish rice.




It came with some limes and since they are my thing I took some pics



I added one of these to my water. mmm love lime water!


For dinner, Dan recreated one of our favorite recipes.  Chicken with leeks and apples.  The twist, he made it with chicken breasts and not chicken thighs.  You’ll have to wait until tomorrow to see the picture of that masterpiece.  I will show you a picture of the apples though.  Yum!



I had the equivalent of two apples and they were soo tasty.  So despite going out to eat so much, I think I keep making good (and tasty) choices.  Next week will be the big test, but I will work hard to make good decisions!