Baking Desserts

This post is pretty late since Dan and I have spent the evening cooking/baking!  We are trying to transform our eating to whole/real foods and have not yet changed our desserts…Last night, Dan picked up some Ghirardelli chocolate and was disappointed by the flavor and the trans fats.  We are both realizing that our tastes are changing and we are appreciating real food and being healthy, even with our treats.  Partly because of that, we decided to add two new desserts to our pantry(well, they will be in the fridge/freezer)!

We bought a million bananas a few months ago and I immediately froze them.  I’ve had a million ideas of things to use them for, but have never put those ideas into action.  Since we live at 5280 feet and aren’t used to high altitude baking, we relied on the great advice Brad gave last week to make sure nothing exploded.

Our first project was to make Walnut Blueberry Banana Bread from the Sept./Oct. Clean Eating magazine.

Our second project was Banana-Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Of course we sampled both.  They were good.  Not great.  But they are a good replacement for processed desserts.  We’ll keep looking for more recipes to come up with something completely crave worthy.

Speaking of crave worthy…. Our lunch and dinner were vegetarian and amazing.  For lunch we finished up the mushroom risotto (check back next week for the recipe!)
Dinner was the ever amazing Potato Leek and Feta Tart.
Dan and I enjoyed a fabulous dinner on our balcony.  We had a perfect view, a delicious dinner and great company. 

So, we may not have gone out tonight, but I think our baking bonanza counts as a fun date!  It’s definitely a food bloggers ideal date!

What is your ideal evening/date?