I may become an aunt today! Woohoo!  Our fingers are crossed for everything to go smoothly and quickly! 

Yesterday I did some strength training moves from the most recent Cooking Light magazine.  It wasn’t until this morning that I realized just how out of shape I really am.  My arms need some major work!  Chai gave me some great advice to get over soreness: eat less sugar.  I’m going to test this out to see if it works. I’d like to work on my arms more, but I would also like to wash my hair without pain…

Breakfast started with All Bran Bran Buds with Just Fruit Munchies.  I must get the pineapple ones.  So tasty!  I followed that with a Mix 1 and some grapes. 
IMG_2164_edited-1 IMG_2168_edited-1IMG_2171_edited-1
Lunch was Minty Bulgur Wheat and Peach Salad.  Dan used less lime juice in this one and it is soo much tastier than the earlier version.  yum! I also had a slice of last night’s pizza.  Pretty good, this kept me going all day.
IMG_2167_edited-1 IMG_2163_edited-1
Dinner was Salt & Pepper Chicken (Dan made more!) and some Bulgur, Mint and Parsley Salad
I was outside just long enough to take this picture.  It’s so Freezing!  Brrr. I guess it is really fall now!  We are planning to make some more fall inspired recipes when we get back next week. 

What are your favorite fall/pumpkin recipes?