about eating

Um, so I don’t really want to post this since the very day that I blogged about whole/real food, I ate out for two meals!  We haven’t yet gone to the grocery store and so I was out of options for breakfast.  However, I had noticed that Panera has a Power Breakfast Sandwich now that is only 340 calories, 3 g. fiber and 22 g protein.  It was super tasty.  The sandwich included ham, havarti and an egg.IMG_2327_edited-1
It was really delicious and it and the two nonfat latte’s kept me full until about one.IMG_2329
lunch was the usual, salt & pepper chicken and Bulgur, Mint and Parsley salad.
  IMG_2325_edited-1 IMG_2326_edited-1
Dan has a meeting tonight so I was on my own for dinner and after Sunday’s Amazing Race Wasabi challenge I have been  craving sushi! (not that much though! Did you see it!)  So I got a spider roll and a spicy shrimp roll as well as an egg roll.
IMG_2330_edited-1so, even though I was hypocritical with my eating, I am working out AS I TYPE.  Thanks for all your suggestions about a treadmill, but before I invest a thousand dollars in a large piece of equipment I thought I’d modify my current equipment.  I have a foot only elliptical but can’t multitask on it. BOOOoooring. So, Dan set it up so I can blog and elliptical.
I’m figuring we can move this around when company comes over so it looks like it was never here. IMG_2339_edited-1
What do you do when you work out to make the time go faster?