Working out

Wow I got a great response to my post this morning!  So far I'll be working out for 18 minutes tomorrow (7 comments on the last post and 1 comment on my fiber post.  There is still time to comment tonight!  How long do you want me to work out tommorrow?  As an update this afternoon I decided to work out one minute for every comment yesterday!  Great motivation! Once I finished my walk home I jumped on the elliptical to finish up the time!

This week I have started to measure out everything I eat.  It is a bit of a pain, but I do think it has helped me out.  My food does look a little different(smaller)...
I'm a creature of habit, are you bored yet?  Mango is my fave Mix 1 and hubby just loves the blueberry Vanilla and Mix Berry flavors and since he has to eat 3x as much as me, he gets 2/3rds of the Mix 1s so I am now eating the Mango every morning.  I have to admit, I still love it!  I have even converted one of my coworkers to eating Mix 1s every morning.  I'm very good at influencing people :)
Lunch was the end of my pesto porkchops.  I have realized that a pair of my khaki's are an oil magnent.  The first day I wore them I ate mussels and dripped a little juice on my left leg.  Today, I accidentally dripped some of the pesto on my left leg again!  Gosh, these pants don't stand a chance!  I hope the Palmolive will do the trick (MILs secret oil busting solution, any mother of four boys has to have something up her sleeve!)
I have been singing the praises of these Ezekiel english muffin and today, well Ezekiel totally let me down!  There were only 2 raisins.  TWO. In the entire muffin.  It's definitely not as good without the raisins.
Dinner was chicken sausage and ketchup. well as an artichoke
For all of you new readers, I have two articles on artichokes (I love these foods, and eat them pretty gosh darn regularly!)

So readers leave a comment and make me work out!