Woman vs. Machine

Today was another first in my stair climbing activities.  When I was walking towards the staircase, I passed on of my neighbors that lives on my floor.  I considered momentarily to wait for the elevator with him.  I powered on.  I even stayed on the phone with my mom (hi mom!). 

I went slower and maybe stopped to catch my breath once, but I kept going.  When I got to my floor I rounded the corner towards the elevator and what did I see?  The elevator opening, I thought to myself, how funny would it be if I beat my neighbor…  At that moment he walked off the elevator and towards me!  We shared a quick chuckle about the fact that I totally schooled the elevator and went on our way.

But seriously, we all know celebrations like this don’t end.  I plan to tell everyone I talk to the next few days.  Because, I, slow two sprained ankled Beth. TOTALLY SCHOOLED THE ELEVATOR!  GO ME!  And now I’m even more committed to taking the stairs at every possible event, since a) makes me healthier and b) is faster.  Who knew!

I’ve been in a good mood all day because I was down another pound this morning.  It looks like I’ve stopped bouncing and am maintaining and losing like a normal human being.  (I seriously hope I didn’t jinx it!)

I was pretty healthy with my choices today, which made it easy to enjoy a tasty dinner and a decadent desert!

Breakfast was a Mix 1 and Chia seeds.  I add the chia when I don’t think I’ll get enough fiber in through the rest of the day.  It’s like an insurance plan.
food 006
I followed breakfast quickly with some grapes cause I was hungry!
food 004
Lunch was 3 ozs of leftover pork chops, these are the pork chops from last week.
food 001
I had a V8 to get some veggies in.
food 003
And my dessert was an ezekiel english muffin.  Yum.
food 005
Dan and I cooked dinner together again, and so I’ll be posting a photo essay on that later :)  It’s so much fun to cook together, although I mostly take pictures and wash up while he cooks…
food 041
We had Potato, Leek, and feta tart from the last Real Simple Magazine. 
food 044
We paired it with our favorite Lemony Green Beans.  Dan added extra lemon to this batch, it was so good!
food 046
The tart turned out fabulously.
food 047
I had forgotten how much I love dill.  I really need to come up with more dill recipes!

What is your favorite dill recipe?