What a nice surprise!

Thank you everyone for your great comments on Jordan’s post!  Also, thanks Jordan!  I hope you are looking forward to some more great guest posts!

Today was a great day.  My eating has been really good, and the day has gone quickly.  Best of all, Dan surprised me by picking me up and eating dinner with me!  He usually has to swim from 5 to 7, but today the pool was closed so we enjoyed a nice dinner for two on our balcony.  We also walked the stairs together, I may have been more out of breath than he was, but he was out of breath too, so there!

The morning started, like always, with a Mix 1.  Oh so tastyfood 001 (2)
I also enjoyed some grapes, these are half good and half on their way out. Booo.
food 004
Lunch was leftovers from last night.  This mixture sure does hold me for a long time!  Plus it was great the next day, the flavors were all still there!
food 003
Don’t you like how Dan placed all the bulgur on top?  Of course I finished this off with an Ezekiel muffin.
food 001
Dinner was another new recipe Balsamic-Marinated Pork Chops & Grilled Peaches.  This is another recipe from Clean Eating, and in our opinion, another winner!
food 011
We paired it with asparagus.  I’ll be posting the recipe soon.  Yum. 

Ok, off to spend some quality time with the husband.