Weird things that work

Big mummy has been posting pictures of cake all week because of a study that stated that looking at cake made it easier to lose weight.  I’m WAY too suggestible for that, but boy have I enjoyed looking at the cake.  That’s why I was so glad that Dan found these mini cupcakes.  They are a little wider than a quarter and about 100 calories.

food 044


In another universe (last year-wedding planning was SO STRESSFUL, not to mention a cross-country move) The entire box of cupcakes would be gone.  Being on low carb, I felt very deprived and also felt like if I cheated, I might as well go all the way.  Now that moderation is the key, I can enjoy certain things within certain parameters.   Single serving cupcakes at 100 calories/cake I can handle.  An actual cake….not so much.

 food 045

I have realized that we can’t have things where you can have a little of this and a little of that.  I need set servings/portion sizes to do well.  This kind of makes me feel like a child.  But, I guess it’s better this way than the alternative!

 food 046

Even better this way I get to eat my cake and lose weight too!  Sorry for tempting you, but maybe looking at all these cupcake pictures are reaffirming your weight loss efforts!


What is the strangest technique that works for you in your weight loss?