Veggie Girl?

Today I was supposed to see Food Inc. with a few friends so I was kind of prepared for seeing my food through different eyes by the end of the day...Then schedules got in the way, and we're gonna wait until next week.  One more week before I view food in a completely different way. Phew!  I was a vegetarian for like 5 years or so after reading Diet for a New America

I have been eating meat for the last six years (wow has it been THAT long!) and I don't think I want to go back but Dan and I have been talking about incorporating more meatless meals into our lives.  Thankfully, this month's Real Simple included a bunch of meatless recipes that we'll be trying out over the next few weeks.  But who knows better than you guys!  Calling at filling vegetarian recipes!

Onto today's foods, Dan let me try one of the blueberry-vanilla Mix 1s  Woohoo, once again I added some chia seeds,  today was a lot better mixture.

Yum, great combo!  I of course followed this with grapes.  Boy I love these grapes, although I realize now how high they are in carbs.  Yikes
Lunch was leftovers from last nights pork chops, an ezekiel english muffin and some trail mix(also had V8 but forgot to photo it.  ooops.
I walked home again and took the stairs up the 12 flights of stairs and really wasn't hungry at.all.  So I waited awhile for dinner.  Not sure if it's the heat outside or the climb up the stairs, but whatever it is, it works for me.  But, when I was ready for it dinner was left over pork chop and some steamed broccoli. 
Yum!  Of course I wanted something sweet, and since I thought I was on a short timeline I was even able to photo it before I posted.
Yum, skinny cow cone (my last!) and a POM spritzer (it tastes better in a wine glass!)  But now I have extra time to read your blogs and do some work around the house!  I love unexpected free time!