Don't forget about the giveaway!!!!! Yesterday we met up with our friends Brad and Tina in their new home in Vail, CO.  Dan(that's hubby's name) and I haven't been that far into the mountains so we were excited to venture out there and boy did they show us a great time!

We got there around dinner time and our friends told us to meet them in a parking lot off of the highway.  Not sure what to expect we showed up at Lionshead Village and immediately walked over to the Gondola to ride up the mountain.  Now, Dan and I aren't skiiers so we have never been in a Gondola or had a reason to go up a mountain like this.  The view was amazing.
The sunset was from our way down, but we could see so far!  It was an amazing (and FREE!) ride.  Once at the top we hiked up to the top of a ridge for dinner.  I totally realized how far out of shape I am.  The hike killed me.  Part was environmental, we were ontop of a mountain climbing to 10,900 feet, the altitude totally kept me from catching my breath.  However, part was because of my ankles.  I really haven't been doing enough as far as exercise goes, and when I try my ankles hold me back.  Every time I stopped I could feel the throbbing (boo).  I hated having to stop, but I did....we still made it to the top, and I didn't fall once!  Horray!

Boy was the hike worth it.  We saw amazing wildflowers along the way, and the views.  The views were amazing.  The view from the place we ended up was breathtaking
My camera did not do it justice.  It was great.  So, following in the theme of sharing pics.  Dan and I posed for pics at our picnic site.
Everyone say "Hi Dan!"  You can commence hating him for being so tall and skinny...He does work out a lot, but still....Dinner was great, it was freezing at 10,900 feet (hence the sweaters) but our friends brought a lovely picnic of brie and bread, Orzo salad (not pictured-oops) and salad with artichoke hearts.
It was a fantastic dinner with a great view and awesome company.  We were only going to do a day trip and come back to Denver, but our friends convinced us to stay out there and so we got to hang out for longer and this morning we woke up to the smell of waffles.
Compliments to the chef! These were fantastic!  We wandered around Vail village a bit but then had to head home to reality.  Dan had to bike and I had to get ready to see Julie and Julia!  Can't wait!  The book was so much fun and my maiden name is Powell so I feel an affinity to Julie Powell.

We were starving for lunch by the time we got back to Denver so we stopped by Panera.  Oh so dangerous. 
I got a half chicken salad sandwich (meh-too much mayo) a cup of chicken noodle soup (double-meh, didn't even finish it) and a bagguette.  I totally forgot to ask for whole wheat!  Oops.

All in all it has been a great weekend and I am so sad to see it end.  Gotta go get ready for the movie!  Oh, and because of ya'll I only have to work out 18 minutes today....Comment away and make me work out more tomorrow!