Twenty-Nine Minutes

Thanks to your comments, I hopped onto the elliptical for 29 minutes tonight.  Thanks guys!  How long am I going to have to work out tomorrow?  I have to admit, the motivation of your minutes really kept me on the darn machine.  So thank you! I feel awesome, not quite a workout high, but I'm feeling accomplished!  How many minutes will you make me work out tomorrow?

Today was another stressful day.  Unfortunately, I ate my way through the morning.  I wasn't particularly hungry but my day started later than normal and I ate more than normal.  Booo.  So, today is a high calorie day.  But, I'm tracking it all, every bite.
So, that is my normal breakfast, but I also brought along a hardboiled egg.
There was no room in the work fridge for my egg, so I decided to eat it. 
Then I couldn't overcome my thoughts about my trail mix and well, I blew through this pretty fast.
Hubby was going past the office around lunch time so we went to Panera!  I felt a little ill, so I decided to go for something not too strong.  Too many calories.  I wish I had skipped the bottom half (or that the bagel was smaller!
I did only eat half of this, it totally satisfied me.
Hubby saved me one potato chip.  It was delicious.  I had a late meeting and so I went shopping...
Yeah, it had only 3 servings and the ingredient list was short and comprehensible.  But stilll oops.  I followed this with a chicken and mushroom dish that hubby made.
The chicken was ok, but the mushrooms were AWESOME.  I swear I really love mushrooms (this is new for me, the whole time I was a vegetarian didn't like mushrooms, now, I can't get enough!)

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