travel bug

Well, I was playing around on the internet today and decided that I want to go to Chicago with Dan next weekend!  Now I have to contact my friends to see if they’ll be around.  We also extended our trip east. East coast beach here we come!


This weekend definitely showed me that I am gaining control over my relationship with food.  For lunch I went back and forth over how much to make.  I ended up only making one egg on one piece of toast with just a little bit of cheese.  Yum, I definitely didn’t need two!

food 025

Yum, I cooked this in the skillet with just PAM sprayed.

food 031

We decided to do a cook and serve dinner, not very natural but just what we needed.

food 038

I had been thinking about pierogies lately. So, when I found these mini pierogies I thought they’d be a great idea.

food 050

Unfortunately, I didn’t read the box to realize that they were made with pastry instead of potato. Boooo

food 054

They were just OK.  Homemade meals are sooo much better, but foods like this are good in a pinch.


Of course with all this traveling coming up I’m going to have to eat a lot more processed/restaurant food.  I gotta be prepared to make sure that I continue to keep on losing!