Thirty Minutes

Today started much like every other, when I got to work and realized that I had no internet access, which isn't a big deal, but I couldn't even look at my Outlook offline, I also couldn't access any of my documents since they are all on the server!  When did we get so dependant on the internet?  The morning went by so fast since we were trying to uncover the mystery.

Thanks to all of your comments yesterday, I worked out for 30 minutes today!  So far today I'm only working out for 18 minutes tomorrow! So comment away!  Also don't forget about the giveaway!

Breakfast was a Mix 1 and 200 g watermelon. 

Gosh this is a lot less food than I thought.
Measuring food is really eye opening!  Of course, I had plans to go out for lunch and went to a restaurant, Bump and Grind, I was nervous about making good choices, so I decided to order what I want and not eat it all....I ordered the Tonya Harding Club (love the name!)
I ate most of the coleslaw, the pickle, a few bites of the bagel chips and one sandwich.
well, most of one sandwich, that was WAY too much ham.  I don't understand why restaurants insist on making sandwiches that you can't eat.  I took half of the ham out and put it on the side.  Boy was the sandwich tasty.  I took the other half back to work, but totally forgot it in the work fridge, and so I think I can count it as gone.  Oh well.

After work I hopped onto the elliptical before putting dinner in the oven so it was a little later, but well worth the wait.  Tonight's dinner is the Easy Roasted Shrimp.  The first recipe I put on here!  I decided to take pics of the process...Before the shrimp was cooked...
Shrimp is one of my favorite foods...and even though it is cooked in olive oil I don't eat that much of it.  I also don't add any salt or pepper (other than red peppers).
Yum.  I grabbed about 12 shrimp, 2.5 oz of bread, some olive oil (I didn't even eat half of the olive oil, I saved it for hubby's dinner.)
Nothing better than tasty bread and shrimp, gosh I love this dinner.
Unfortunately, the garlic cloves don't taste as awesome as I expect when I put it on the bread.
Very delicious and very filling, but my mouth was on fire from the red pepper so I decided to cool it down with a skinny cow mint fudge cone.
After all of this I was still only at 14 g of fiber.  Crap!  I am planning on eating blueberries, chia seeds and heavy whipping cream.  That'll get me to 28 g fiber total.

Looks like hubby and I are going for a walk later (bonus minutes!)  So, comment away!  And check out my giveaway!