Things I can’t live without: Steamer Bag edition

*note* I was not compensated in any way for this review, this is a product we use at home.*


My husband has to eat a TON of calories each day.  That means he looks for high caloric food for each meal.  Therefore he doesn’t think vegetables are ‘worth the time’.  That’s where the Glad Simply Cooking Steamer bags come into play. (Can you hear the super hero theme song?)

food 043


All you do is pile in the veggies and pop em in the micro.  I realized(the hard way) that if you are cooking for one, you MUST reduce the cooking time.  (scorched broccoli is no good)

food 044

They seriously make cooking veggies(especially for one! But it also works for a group) really quick and easy. 

food 028

Yum.  (and because you know I love my photography, how well did that pic turn out!  I’m SO in love with my camera!)


What is your favorite time saving device?  Please share!