Things I can't live without: sparkpeople edition

I know I've mentioned Sparkpeople about a million times, but have not as of yet written a full out review of it.  I started my low carb journey in May 2005 and by May 2006 I had hit a plateau. A long plateau.  Hubby and I were on our way back from Mexico when I found a People magazine in the seat back pocket of the chair in front of me. It was one of those "How I lost 100 pounds" articles.  I decided to check it out, inside the losers  were sharing the secrets to their success and for some it was Jenny Craig and WW and others said that online applications did the job for them Sparkpeople was one of them.  Best of all, sparkpeople was free. 

Free was important to me for two reasons, first, I don't like spending money.  Second, the summer before a friend lent me the book Fat Girls Guide to Life.  In it she takes on the diet industry and how it is an industry and the companies want to make money, and much of that money is repeat customers.  Now, I do not think WW or Jenny Craig etc are evil.  But I have spent so much money on WW with so little results and at that point I had been doing better on my own on South Beach.

So, sparkpeople was free and I needed to spice it up a bit.  Sparkpeople gave me the opportunity to easily log all of my food and exercise in and to track the nutrients that meant most to me (net carbs).  It also kept me honest about my water intake. 

There are community boards that were really helpful, and as a low carber it was my first opportunity to talk to other low carbers and to get good recipes and advice. Of course now I use the blogosphere more than sparkpeople for the support and the ideas, but it's still out there if you are looking for more!

Best of all, I earned points and 'trophies' for all of my sparkpeople activities.  I've shown you how much I need peer pressure and these points act as internal 'peer pressure' for me.  Gotta do what works!

I highly recommend checking out sparkpeople if you are looking for a good (and free) way to track your food and exercise!

p.s. I have not been paid for this review, or given anything in return.  I really really believe in sparkpeople and use it daily, just thought you'd like to know more about it in case you are interested!