Taste Buds

Has anyone else noticed that their tastes have changed?  We bought cookies on Friday and they were just meh.  Yesterday we had hint of lime tostitos.  I definitely had my share, but they left me feeling sick and off.  I just tracked my food in sparkpeople and realize why.  My nutrients were way off!  15 g fiber and 45 g protein.  Oh boy.  The longer I have been on this journey and focusing on the nutrition as opposed to weight loss, I’m realizing more and more what my body likes and what it doesn’t like.

Now, as I say this, I should say that I still do love a tasty treat.  Dan wanted pizza for dinner (I took a nap instead) and he brought home mini cupcakes.  He made sure to find ones with nutritional information and yay!  A small 110 calorie treat was perfect.
food 003
It just amazes me the difference of how I was eating, even when I was low carbing to now.  Then it was all about how I can get around the system and how I can get as close to cheating without doing damage.  Now my focus is really more about nutrition and how I can have great flavors but have a balanced day.  I feel better when my day is balanced and that’s what I’m going for.  Best yet, no one is telling me what I can and can not eat.  I know to people that don’t struggle with their weight that this sounds dumb, but for someone that has tried to lose weight following so many different plans and faced so many restrictions.  It really is freeing to have this perspective change.  Also, stepped on the scale this morning.  I’m still at my lowest, yay!