taking so long

Boy today took forever.  Did anyone else feel like this?  The good side of it was that I wasn’t very hungry.  I got to sleep in and so I ate less than normal. (and by less than normal I mean I left out the V8).  I was so busy, and the day just wouldn’t end!  So glad for the weekend.  My food was typical.


Mix 1

food 010


food 004

2.2 ounces of pork chop

food 003

And an Ezekiel muffin

food 007

Because I knew I was low on calories I wanted to order food in for dinner. 


I thought it would be tasty and decadent and totally make my night.  Meh.  I got full after a few bites  and my choices were mistakes.  The egg rolls were tasty, but not great.

food 001

The seaweed salad was too much greens not enough seaweed (does that makes sense?)

food 003

And the main dish, Drunken noodles, was all heat and NO flavor.  Total disappointment

food 002

I actually returned part of what I dished out back into the container.


I finished it quickly (since most of it is still in its original container).  Food does not make a night.  It’s different to enjoy a nice meal with Dan, but really take out alone has totally lost it’s appeal!  Even though I know this, I still am tempted to go to the store and get contact solution a treat.   Instead I’m going to catch up on your blogs and get some housekeeping things done.


Before I forget, if you are reading in google reader, check out the new application on the right side of my blog.  So cute! (and mom, click on the title of this entry, it’ll direct you to my blog so you can see it.  You’ll appreciate it!)