still smurf-like, but less so

So, yeah, thanks for the great comments on my smurfy-ness.  My fingernails are blue today. (WTH?)  Our sheets have been washed and dried and I have tried scrubbing, many times.  Next step, nail polish remover!  Oy!  But being a smurf-ette (why was there only one girl smurf? Does that seem weird to anyone else?) agrees with my weight loss.  Down again!  Yay!


Breakfast was the same ole Mix 1 

food 002

and grapes

food 006

lunch was leftover Egyptian Spiced Chicken.  A pretty tasty recipe that really sticks to your ribs!

food 015

and Ezekiel muffin.

food 008

Dinner was Dan’s Devil’s Chicken (spicy chicken)  a nice staple he can throw together when we don’t have any other ideas.  I decided to add a few things to it to make dinner a little bigger.

food 018

I decided to boil the pierogies this time.  MUCH better, this is what I was thinking I would get the other day. yum.

food 021

And I steamed some broccoli in the steamer bags.

food 029

So fresh and so good!  But I was low on my fiber requirement and so for dessert I had All bran bran buds, Just Blueberries and nonfat milk

food 039

This was actually a small portion (1/4 c of milk and of the bran buds).  I still have calories left so I may have another sweet treat later :)


What is your favorite way to get your fiber in?  I try for at least 25g a day, what’s your goal?