Review Recall

A few months ago I wrote about Exer-fit sandals. 
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I was excited about the prospects and even though they caused some foot pain, that happens a lot.  Well, what does NOT happen is permanent disfigurement.  My feet are scarred.  I haven’t noticed since well I have had bigger fish to fry with my feet.  Heck, my feet are still swollen.  Plus, the only shoes I fit in these days are my sneakers and occasionally a pair of flats for work.  In sneakers I can’t see my feet, so yesterday when I was trying on a pair of shoes I noticed how scarred my feet really are.

This is disturbing me!  I really hope it goes away.  I mean, I wore these shoes for what, a month?  I stopped wearing flip flops around after the accident(s).  I looked past the ugly aesthetic because of the potential health benefit, but this definitely reinforces my need to make decisions based on cute-ness.  So, I have to take back my positive review of these shoes…

And I have to ask, any scar removal tricks out there?