Portion Distortion

I think it’s decided, my major problem has been my portion sizes.  I used to count this as 100g of watermelon.(and that’s like half of the portion)

This is what 100 g of watermelon actually is.    Um. Yeah, that’s a major calorie discrepancy.  My food scale is being used a ton more and serving me well! Instead of bouncing in a 5 lbs range I’m staying within a pound.  woohoo!  Also, anyone out there on metformin?  If so, how do you take it? before/during/after your meal?

Onto the food.  Dan left today for a race in Alabama. So, my food will look a bit different this weekend. (aka less interesting)  Breakfast was the same, a Mix 1 and grapes.
food 009

food 008
Lunch was leftover chicken(3 oz), v8(not pic), trail mix(not pictured, oops) and some tortilla chips(6 with guac-not pictured)
food 006
Dinner was also chicken (that’s 2.8 ounces)
food 011
and an artichoke
food 012
I’m off to see Food Inc.  I’ll post a review later!