Last week the great people at POM offered me another set of samples, this time for their Teas, POMx.  They sent me two flavors:


Pomegranate wildberry white teafood 024

and Pomegranate Blackberry Team

food 014

Sorry about the bad picture quality, there was little natural light…


I would take more pictures, but I’m pretty much all out of my POM.  It was SO tasty.  The white tea contains erythritol, which I could taste, I’m much more sensitive to fake sugars, and while the white tea only contained 70 calories for the entire bottle and the Blackberry tea included 160.  I think I will go for the Blackberry option next time.  At the end of the day I’ve been needing ‘something sweet’ to drink and these teas have been so refreshing.


Unfortunately, the bottles these teas come in aren’t as cute as the one’s POM comes in.  And yes, I do choose my beverage based on cute-ness…


I saw on another blog that they have POM coffee, I hope to try that in the future!  These guys are definitely on a roll.


What is your favorite refreshing drink (no sugar substitutes allowed)?