Photo Fail

I was so excited this morning to bring my good camera in to work to take my food pictures.  I go to take the first picture and realize that I didn't replace the memory card. So, we are all subjected to really bad cell phone pictures.
I was excited to get home and use my good camera to take pictures of dinner.  Hubby made pesto porkchops and I added an artichoke.
There's Denver in the background!
The artichoke was just what I wanted.
But I was still hungry so I had some blueberries and when that wasn't enough some more trail mix.  I hate days when I'm just a bottomless pit.  I was hoping to stay under my calories and carbs. 

However, the cookies were back in the office today (well, still there).  It was not as difficult as Thursday, but I'm proud that I avoided it nonetheless!