Peer Pressure

As I said last night, I popped into a grocery store on my way home. I went in with an empty stomach (bad) alone (double bad) and after a day where I knew I'd be above my calories (triple bad).

 I had a list(in my head) and knew I wanted blueberries, flax seed meal and a treat. Awesome list, huh? Well I was in a new part of town so I didn't know anyone but walking in I saw an uber fit woman about my age and didn't think anything of it.  I saw her a few more times as I was wondering the aisles and for some reason I didn't want to put anything bad in my basket because a) nothing bad really appealed to me bc I knew my calories would go through the roof and b) I didn't want to fulfill the 'fat stereotype'.

Total peer pressure, from me-to me. I get into line with blueberries, skinny cow cones and the popcorn. The uber fit woman got in line behind me with two jumbo packs of assorted candies...

The other peer pressure I experienced was self imposed. My workout challenge.  I knew that I had promised all of you that I would work out a certain amount and I had to do it, so I did it.  So, thank you for the peer pressure, and keep it up! Send me some comments and make me get off my duff tomorrow :)  I think I may only have to work out for 23 minutes tonight...wanna put me over 30 minutes? Start commenting!

Strange what gets us through the day. Oh and my calories, only about 1700 not terrible, a definite controlled day of excess.