We are going away this weekend and * gasp * NOT taking the computer!  I know!  I have a few posts ready to go up and actually need your help, I’m trying to pick some photos to use on some business cards I plan to make.  I was thinking of using 25 photos but I have more that I like, so I’ll be posting some of my faves and I’d love to know what you think!

The day before I leave town is always the slowest. Boooo.  But, Dan picked me up at work (on foot) and we walked to the bookstore to get some reading material and we walked and walked in the hot afternoon sun.  At least it wasn’t humid!  It was nice to get out and walk around together, I love when he’s home when I get home!

Breakfast today was a Mix 1
food 006
and some grapes.  This held me until pretty late.  Yum
food 019
Lunch was some Devil’s Chicken (recipe to come)

food 009
the final Pierogies
food 005
and a double chocolate vitatop
food 007
Just when I get bored of taking pictures of my workday food I spice it up a little!  So, all of this wasn’t very calorie dense and despite the 5 32 ounce bottles of water I drank (one bottle, refilled multiple times) I was huuuungry and look at what I found in my purse!
food 034
Honey roasted peanuts from the last time we flew.  How fun!  It kept me away from the vending machines, so that works!

Of course, when we went to the bookstore, I got a coffee light frappuccino.  We’ll see if I regret it later!  For dinner we remade the Potato Leek and Feta Tart.  YUM!
food 044
Yum.  I was SOOOO good!food 040
No pics of my piece since I was STARVING and ate it right away.

I’m off for the weekend, so I’ll get to reading/commenting on your blogs on Monday! Can’t wait to see what you’ve been up to!