Odds and Ends

Meet Dan (Hi Dan!)  I know I showed his picture the other day, but I just wanted to give him some kudos for totally fixing up my blog!  He totally added the new header in the blog and made it so my new website works.  Yay!  I've ventured into the world of website ownership, whatever that means.  So far I don't know what it means...  I'm hoping nothing happens to google reader, but please let me know if you have any issues getting/reading the blog!  Genius Dan will take care of the problem!

Also, I forgot to mention that for the Fourth day in a row I walked all twelve, TWELVE flights of stairs!  Go me!  Will tomorrow be five?  I think so!  Also, totally forgot to add, this week seems to be my weight loss week.  I'm three pounds down so far, yay!  Of course, knowing my body, this will go on for another day or so (if I'm lucky) and then I'll plateau for like a month.  But hey, celebrate small victories!