Now to our regularly scheduled programming

It was strange being off the computer for an entire weekend.  Does this mean I’m addicted?  While I didn’t get pictures of everything…I got some great shots, which I will share with you later.


For some of you this may seem weird, but I always get nervous going to my hubby’s races because people will find out I’m fat.  I know, it really isn’t a secret and it’s not like any of the athletes or partners have ever made a deal of it. But it’s a deal for me.  I hate not fitting in.  Sometimes I think that maybe it would be easier to just stay overweight.  To eat healthy and not worry about losing weight.  There are clothes that fit, I have a husband that loves me so why bother?  I bother because I want to fit in…(and for you triathletes and partners out there, this isn’t saying you don’t make me feel like I fit in, it’s me, I don’t feel like I fit in, you guys are great!)  Does anyone else struggle with this?


All of that aside, our trip to Chicago was great, the weather was beautiful and we had a very unplugged weekend filled with reading, I’m finishing up In Defense of Food.  This has gotten me thinking.  Now, we haven’t changed everything.  It’s going to take some time to digest and I’ll post on it later…


That being said, today I ate at panera twice.  Breakfast and lunch, but I made good decisions!


Breakfast I had a nonfat latte (look at me not adding any syrups) and a pumpkin muffie (only 200 calories-but probably a TON of random food ingredients).  After I ordered I saw that Panera has a new breakfast option that is 320 calories and seems to be ‘whole-ish’ foods.

08 30 09_0023


This kept me until lunch.  Dan and I came home separately so he didn’t get in until this morning, so we decided to meet for lunch.  Panera is the healthiest fast option around (I feel some comfort knowing the calories!)  I wanted soup, but I didn’t want the bowl (too much food-which is ironic since I used to be sad about how small the cup was and there was no bowl option).  So I ordered a you pick two with broccoli cheddar soup.

08 30 09_0025

and a mozzarella tomato Panini (I only ate 3 bites)

08 30 09_0027


and a whole grain baguette

08 30 09_0029


Both meals were about 850 calories.  Not bad!  I didn’t snack at all either.  So I feel ok.


For dinner we made pasta and shrimp.  Yum!

08 31 09_0008


Of course the pasta had tasty parmesan cheese on it.

08 31 09_0010


Of course I had two two-bite cupcakes…Not pictured.  Well, we are getting settled in and thinking about some revisions to my blog template.  Bye bye lemons!  Stay tuned