No clever title tonight

Happy Friday! I had a big meeting today and it went pretty well, so hurray!  Food wise it was a bit all over but I managed to do some counterbalancing of it all.  Also, the ankle is killing me, so I took a day off of climbing the stairs and walking home...

Some of my cowokers and I were going to lunch, so I knew I needed to keep breakfast small and protein packed so that I would avoid any occurrence of the hungry monster.  So, instead of a Mix 1 I had two hardboiled eggs and some grapes.
Lunch was at a place downtown called The Corner Office.  We were celebrating two birthdays, what better way to end a Friday.
The menu had a lot of dangerous tempting options including Lobster Mac n Cheese.  OMG, sounded SO GOOD.  However, I went for something smaller,
Crabcakes!  I'm from Maryland and have a soft spot for crab.
These three weren't deep fried and were mostly crab meat, I didn't really taste any filler, I also didn't eat much of the sauce.  It didn't do it for me.  And that was lunch, well.  Most of it.  On the way back to the office we stopped into this local cookie shop and bought some for the office.  I had 1 3/4s they were meh, I shouldn't have finished either of them (or started, I know!)  They didn't start any downward spirals though, yay!

Dinner was pasta since Dan has a race tomorrow.
And oh my gosh, I had no vegetables today.  Looking at these pictures really makes me accountable for what I eat (to myself).  Today was an offkilter sort of day.  Oh well, better luck tomorrow, right?